Friday, July 30, 2010

AoC: How to get from Gateway to Khitai back to old world

One of the slightly frustrating things if you create a Khitai (far eastern looking) character in Age of Conan is that you start in the "Gateway to Khitai" zone with no apparent way to get to one of the three major cities (Old Tarantia, Khemi, or Conarch Village). Instead, it starts you off at the entrance to Gateway to Khitai with naught much more then a vendor and a few quest givers.

So, if you're feeling stuck:

- There's a "trader" in the trading village at the far end of the zone. Just head up the road from the broken down caravan towards the great wall. The trader offers access to your bank vault as well as the auction house, guild vault, and postal service.

- You can set your bind point to the trading village. Look for the wayfarer at the bottom of some steps.

- There's a smuggler in the trading village (south side) who will send you back to Tortage if you desire a taste of the starting area again. As a Khitai, this is the only way back to Tortage.

- If you desire to visit the three major cities, head up the path towards the great wall. To the left of the gate will be a "Stygian Voyager" who will send you to Khemi. Going from Gateway to Khitai back to Khemi is free, but coming back requires either an encounter-type quest to be completed or a fee of about 20 silver to skip the encounter.

- Once in Khitai, you can take a boat to Old Tarantia. You'll have to first swim across the water to the actual city of Khitai (more like a small town) and then look for the yellow dot on the game map labeled "Old Tarantia".

- Early on, if you plan on gathering at all, make sure you head to Khemi and then take the other yellow dot boat captain to get to Purple Lotus Swamp to pickup the level 20 gathering quests.

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