Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Games I'm playing lately

Still playing Planetside 2 at least 2-3 evenings per week for a few hours on one of my numerous ScrapyardXYZ incarnations.  Usually on the Emerald server, but sometimes on Connery.  Which server and which faction I play depends on my mood, what the fights are like, what corp members are online and whether there is a good outfit platoon running.

About 3/4 through Batman: Arkham Asylum on easy mode.  It's interesting, wasn't sure I'd like it, but the only bit I don't like are the Scarecrow levels.  My primary complaint with the Scarecrow levels is that it's a hard-fail if you get spotted.  Other bosses and fights are more forgiving where you can make a few minor mistakes but still come out on top.  But then I also hated hard-fail things in WoW raiding as well where you had to be 100% perfect in order to down the boss.

Been too busy to pickup EQ2 again or login to Wildstar.  Finally changing jobs after 15 years as I got tired of working 60-80 hour weeks and still making what I made 15 years ago.  So a bit of topsy-turvy over the next two months as I sort out a new place to live and get settled in.

Waiting on KSP 1.0 to stabilize.  There are still major outstanding bugs in 1.0.2 that need fixing before it is worth picking up.

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