Friday, October 09, 2015

CivCraft noob thoughts

Because this is a PvP server, there are a lot of ways to get griefed.  One of the latest abuses NameLayer and the auto-accept group invites feature.  Unfortunately, the command "/nltaai" that turns auto-accept off is a toggle, so you have to be careful in using it.

The server is having a bit of a TPS problem (command "tps"), so there's some hand-wringing and witch-hunting and bans for introducing lag.

Another observer's report from about 10 months ago.  A political map from about 9 months ago.  A map of SQPR territory linked from their Reddit.

Botting is huge on CivCraft; it seems to be a frequent topic of hate in the CivCraft Reddit and makes the server very hostile to new players.  Seems like most of the economy has collapsed at this point due to the over-supply from botted accounts.

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